Elementary Announcements 10/8/2018

McKenzie Elementary Daily Bulletin
October 8, 2018
“Inspiring students to achieve their academic and individual potential“

Safety Week
Monday: Fire Drill
Tuesday: Directed Evacuation Drill
Wednesday: Earthquake & Higher Elevation Evacuation Drill
Thursday: Lockdown/Lockout Drill

Fish & Fries
Sloppy Joes
Cheese Pizza
Guests are encouraged to come have lunch with us. The cost for a full meal is $5.00; you may pay in either the elementary or high school office.  Due to the high cost of produce the price of a large salad bar for adults will be $5.00.  A small salad (in the paper boats or our cereal bowls) will continue to be $3.00. 

Jodi - Liesha

Upcoming Events

October 11th – Family Movie Night – Doors open @ 5pm, Movie @ 5:30pm

October 18th Noon dismissal