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Safety Week at McKenzie

posted Oct 12, 2017, 4:41 PM by Unknown user

This was Safety Week at McKenzie!  We practiced the following drills:

Fire Drill-get out of the building quietly in an orderly fashion and listen to your teacher.

Directed Evacuation-listen to instructions from the paging/phone system, follow instructions in a quiet and orderly fashion and listen to your teacher.  For this drill we were directed to go to the baseball field and take roll.

Earthquake Drill/Higher Elevation Evacuation Drill- Get under your desk until the earthquake has stopped, listen for instructions these could come from the phone/paging system or from your teacher.  For this drill we usually go outside and line up like a fire drill then hike up to our bus barn.  With the weather not cooperating we didn’t do the Higher Elevation Evacuation and will pick a drier day to do this drill.  If it was a real emergency, we would definitely do the Higher Elevation.  We just didn’t want to send you home wet and possibly muddy kiddos.

LockOUT/LockDOWN was our final drill of the week.  We watched a video.  You can use this link to get to the video that we watched together.

Sometimes kids will have questions after they get home.  Some kids will need reassurance that they will be safe.  Please talk with your student and if there is anything we can help to answer, we’re here to help.  You might ask them what’s the most important thing in an emergency?  Hint…The answer is….”Listen to your teacher”.  

Thank you for helping us to keep our students safe!