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A New School Year - Letter from the Superintendent

posted Aug 19, 2015, 4:00 PM by Jason Davis   [ updated Oct 10, 2016, 8:13 PM by Laura Sireci Roman ]

As we get ready to start a new school year, I wanted to take moment to thank all of you in the community, as well as staff members and board members, for the support that was received during the prior school year.

During the past year, much of my time was spent developing relationships and trying to get a handle on the needs of the district.

We held several community meetings to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for the district that reflected the concerns and the comments of a large variety of stake holders. The plan consists of seven goals, with specific action items under each goal. The district board approved the strategic plan in June, and will select two or three goals for the administrative team to focus on during the upcoming school year at its August meeting. The Administrative Team will develop SMART Goals based upon the particular goals selected by the board and present their plan for implementing the goals at the September board meeting.

I also attended the meetings of several community organizations in order to better understand the river communities and to become involved in the development of community assets. The outcome of my attending these meetings, I now have a better understanding of the area and am involved with the Chamber, the McKenzie Track and Field Committee and am a member of the McKenzie River Action Committee.

It is my firm belief that the school district, as the hub of the community, needs to be directly involved in the community that it serves. Most problems between schools and its patrons comes from a lack of communications between the school and its stakeholders. This is also the reason that I have an open door policy that not only enables, but encourages both staff and community members to drop by and visit with me to either express concerns, share ideas or to just say hi!

One of the goals that I have for the upcoming year is to improve attendance and to work with the staff to increase student achievement. These two items are also goals that are listed in the strategic plan and are critical to the success of our students.

If a student is chronically absent, the student’s future success is put seriously at risk. Study after study demonstrates that there is a direct relationship between attendance and the likelihood of a student graduating from high school. We have a moral obligation to do everything in our ability to encourage students to attend school and to develop parental support to help make it happen.

Another goal that I have is to update this page on a regular basis to better inform you as to the progress that the district is making in its efforts to improve both student achievement, and to improve communications with all of you.

Until next time…Jim Thomas, Superintendent


Laura Sireci Roman,
Aug 19, 2015, 4:00 PM